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Here you'll be able to do a creative recording session that suits your music. Go with a big, live sounding room or a smaller dampened room. Whether you prefer to do an all analog recording or feel more comfortable going a more modern digital way, you will find it all here.


I will happily mix the music you've recorded here, or recorded anywhere else for that mather. If you due to budget want to record on your own and have me mix it, contact me before if you need guidelines for recording. I usually work with a hybrid of analog and computer based mixing. If you have any requirements let me know!


The final step of any great sounding release is the mastering. If you don't want your songs squashed to something unrecognizable you've come to the right place. I will treat your songs with respect and bring out the qualities that are there. If you want a free test master, go to the contact form and drop me a line!

  • Recorded & mixed



  • Recorded, mixed & mastered



  • Recorded, mixed & mastered


Blues Of Perception

  • Mixed & mastered



  • Recorded & mixed


The art of modern warfare

  • Recorded, mixed & mastered


When worlds collide

  • Recorded, mixed & mastered


When worlds collide

Studio A

The End Studios, Lund

The End Studios provide the whole range from a 100 sqm high ceiling recording room to a small stone cave, 7 different recording rooms. A large control room with a nice mix of modern recording/processing equipment and huge selection of lovely vintage equipment.

If you want to stay during your recording and dedicate fully we have a great sleeping area with six beds in two rooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

It's located on the countryside in the southern part of Sweden. Less than an hour from Kastrup Airport (Denmark), about 30 minutes from Sturup airport and 5 minutes from the city of Lund.

Studio B

Original HoboRec, Jönköping

HoboRec Studio in Jönköping is a professional quality project studio with the facilities to record any type of pop/rock based project.

The studio has a great mix of analog and digital possibilities and workflows. The gear and rooms are capable of recording both live and with layering technique. Up to 32 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and with layering it's basically unlimited, even though I prefer to keep track counts as low as possibe. It's all up to you what you prefer.

The studio is close to supermarket, café and pizza places, and there's a kitchen where you can cook and prepare food.

Ulf Blomberg

Producer / Audio Engineer

Always had a strong Do It Yourself nerve and a playful interest for technical stuff. During the years I've been in a couple of bands, made a bunch of records, and toured the majority of Europe. I've tried a couple of different jobs but always seem to come back to recording. I gained a lot of both musical and personal experiance from the hundreds of bands I've worked with through the years, and my goal is to make that beneficial for you.

My taste of sound lean towards the more organic and acoustically ambient, but as your producer / engineer I will work with you to get your music to it's best version of itself regardless of preferences.

To sum it up, I really love what I do and always try to dedicate fully into each and every project.

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