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  • Mixed


The Enemy : Reality

  • Recorded & mixed



  • Recorded & mixed



  • Recorded, mixed & mastered


Blues Of Perception

  • Mixed & mastered



  • Recorded & mixed


The Art of Modern Warfare


Electric Eel Shock

"Best recording place for EES !! Great engineering & Nice vintage gear, good space, nice atmosphere, nice price and great vegi foods!!"
-Maekawa Kazuto


" Ulf is a great guy and are easy to work with. Good comunication throught the whole process, he knows his stuff and really takes in what the customer wants and trying to fulfil it. What else can a band ask for!!!" 11 points to Hobo-Ulf out of 10 possible.
-Jocke Rydbjer


" Had an amazing recording experiance with Ulf in the studio. Smooth, easy going and very relaxed atmosphere at the same time as really effective work. Highly recommended!"
-Henrik Petersson


"We’ve been working with Ulf and HoboRec for more than a decade now. A perfect location - secluded and with comfortable facilities. The studio is filled with both modern equipment and vintage gems. And of course Ulfs knowledge on how to use them for the best sonic result as possible."
-Erik Hammarström


"I would strongly recommend this studio and Ulf Blomberg to other bands. Ulf is the kind of sound technician who really cares about the bands and the stuff that he's recording."
-Martin Shukevich


" I appreciated his effort to understand the band and bring out "our sound". In that way letting our vision be what guided the process of recording and mixing. For lack of a better word, Ulf was the optimal tool to have as a band. Not imposing but contributing to that extent that was required of a sound and mixing engineer.""
-Anton Hedlund

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Ulf Blomberg

Producer / Audio Engineer

Always had a strong Do It Yourself nerve and a playful interest for technical stuff. During the years I've been in a couple of bands, made a bunch of records, and toured the majority of Europe. I've tried a couple of different jobs but always got back to recording. I gained a lot of both musical and personal experiance from the hundreds of bands I've worked with through the years. This means you'll have an equally efficient and patience companion by your side to help you get your project to the finish line.

I started working out of my project studio in Jönköping, which is still active as Studio B. In 2017 I joined a studio collective under the roof of The End Studios (Thåström, The Sounds, Bob Hund, Weeping Willows etc.) in Lund and that has stepped things up both for me and my clients. This is now Studio A.

My taste of sound lean towards the more organic and acoustically ambient, but as your producer / engineer I will work with you to get your music to it's best version of itself regardless of preferences.

To sum it up, I really love what I do and my goal is to dedicate as much as you in your music.

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